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publicis health internship project 2019

awareness + social campaign

Role // Art Director
Copywriter // Ari Schnitzer
Team // Andrea Garza, Gillian Zucker, Emily Parker, Jace Kole, Madison Wagner, and Isha Patel

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is the leading resource for the entire MS community, improving lives today through vital services and support. One of the fundraisers they created is Swim for MS, a DIY fundraiser that aims to raise money to assist those living with MS by providing them with services and equipment. 


Increase awareness for MSAA's "Swim for MS" and acquire volunteers to initiate and participate in raising funds by creating a digitally driven campaign

Target Audience 

College and high school students (14-25)


Raise awareness about multiple sclerosis and connect with the universal FOMO felt among our Gen-Zers to get them to want to participate in Swim for MS

Comp 1.gif

Through our research, we found that with social media being a huge presence in Generation Zs’ life, our target audience is heavily impacted by the fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. This feeling is especially common in more than 2/3s of people ages 18-35 (WGSN, 2018). FOMO drives people to utilize social media to let their peers know how much fun they are having. 

Once we understood our target audience and the MS community, we formulated two key insights:

  1. Young adults are socially driven and often experience the fear of missing out when they see their friends at events or doing fun things over social media.

  2. No two individuals with MS experience the disease the same way.

With these insights in mind, we came up with the strategic campaign: #MakeASplash, a campaign that focuses on making an impact in more than one way, along with connecting with the universal FOMO felt amongst our Gen Zers.

the creatives

One of the problems with MSAA’s social presence is that many of the creatives published do not fit the current creative trends that appeal to Gen Zs. There also isn't a look and feel that differentiates MSAA from their competitors. 

Our campaign utilizes major trends from the creative world and focuses heavily on social media to keep the campaign top of mind. Pairing duo-tone images, bold fonts, and creative language, we hope to leave an impression on our target audience and to attract them into participating in our campaign because traditional marketing doesn’t work for Generation Z.


Animated social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram story to shed light for our target audience on the gravity of a degenerative disease that they may not know a lot about, along with a CTA to get them to make a difference.


Carousel ads that highlight the story of individuals with MS and how swimming helps them.


 #MakeASplash brand ambassador program, where we reach out to select universities and high schools across the nation to recruit our dedicated individuals to set up unique events on their school grounds.

Kit Side View.png
Kit Front Viet.png

A revamped welcome kit that includes a branded t-shirt, water gun, and informational packet. By creating a eye-catching welcome kit, we allow our target audience to share the box on social media and spread the word of #MakeASplash.


Brand Ambassadors will receive an informational packet that includes a cheat sheet with some tips and tricks on how to set up an event so that no two events are the same, just like how no two patients with MS have the same symptoms.

Towards the end of our campaign, we would want our #MakeASplash ambassadors to have reached out to organizations on their campuses and have tournament-styled competitions set up. By having tournaments, we hope to induce the FOMO that this target audience feels as a result of looking on social media of their friends/orgs hosting a #MakeASplash event. These social media posts will make them want to participate, and it opens up an opportunity to spread our campaign to other organizations, clubs, or greek-life through the power of social media. 

5cb0633d80f2cf201a4c3253 copy.png

Partnered Facebook events and Instagram posts tailored to each unique event taking place at our respective schools. This will help spread the word about the competitions to the members of the organizations and anyone who wishes to participate.


Instagram posts of orgs challenging each other

Editorial Mockup.jpg
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