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advertising campaign

Art Director & Copywriter // Stephanie Cao

Tactics // Print, Social, & Transit


Develop a campaign for an alcoholic beverage and make it appealing to the demographics of a chosen magazine

Target Audience

Females, college students, 21+, strive to be independent/are independent


Show how Seagram's Escapes can provide you 'Instant Bliss without the B.S.'. B.S. meaning having to get ready, dealing with men, and the aftermath of a night out, etc.)

Magazine Mockup.jpg
Bus Shelter Mockup.jpg

To target the demographic, ads will be placed in magazines that contain a large female audience, such as Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan hopes to empower women through the idea of independence, which is what the ads hope to get across. Ads will also be displayed in bus shelters


The site was redesigned to fit the campaign and includes a ‘Blissful Recipes’ section, which lists activities to pair with a bottle of Seagram’s Escapes. For example, you + Seagram's Escapes + Spa Day – where you grab a bottle of Blueberry Acai Lemonade and pair it with a blueberry face mask.


In addition, wild postings will be posted near high-traffic areas with the target demographic to repeatedly drive the message to our target.

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