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advertising campaign

Art Director // Stephanie Cao

Copywriter // Evan Wickersham

Tactics // Print, Social, & Transit


Make sexual assault a problem men feel compelled to talk about with
one another

Target Audience

All ages, males


Get men to rewrite their bro codes to include sexual assault because the bro code governs how men should act. If broken, friendships may end. Do this through repetitive imagery to get men to constantly think about including speaking out against sexual assault in their vocabulary with their other bros and start a movement


Contrary to the current, our website will have rewritten bro codes, along with a section for males to submit their own that stand up against sexual assault. 

From popular culture to friends, “bro” culture tells men that, if they respect women, they are not considered “real men”. It encourages men to internalize gender prejudices and normalize sexual violence.


Amongst men, bro codes are written. Bro Codes are “a set of unwritten rules meant to be a guideline to live by between Bros”. These set of rules vary for every friend group, and if broken, friendships may end. Often these rules govern how men should act. By doing so, they are considered a bro. However, the problem with these rules is that they reassure men that they are only doing what’s right to be a bro, which ends up being toxic, dehumanizing women, and allowing sexual assault to occur.

Thus, by rewriting the Bro Code and adding rules related to sexual assault, we hope to spark a conversation amongst men to stand up against sexual assault. These new codes will teach men that there are other ways to be a man and that being a man does not require the disrespectful treatment of women. By creating a new standard for men to follow, we hope to create a movement where men will hold each other accountable for their actions.

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp.jpg

Messages will also be displayed at bus shelters and subways. This allows for long exposure and better recall because our target audience will be seeing these ads everyday. 


Sponsored posts will allow us to easily target males. This can help spark a conversation since people can share and retweet our posts. Our hashtag #IWILLSPEAKUP will also make individuals engage with any conversation revolving the topic.


Ads will be placed near areas with our target audience and where sexual assaults are more likely to happen, such as college campuses and workplaces. By placing these ads in these areas, it will get conversations starting because of the striking messages.

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