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branding // advertising campaign

Art Director // Stephanie Cao

Copywriter // Stephanie Cao

Tactics // Print, Guerrilla, Interactive & Transit


Brand & create a campaign to promote a fictional all-natural energy drink called Phoenix Energy

Target Audience

Individuals under 25, are busy, or need a boost


Position Phoenix Energy as a drink that ignites the unimaginable


The centerpiece for this campaign is a guerrilla marketing tactic. There will be a random can of Phoenix Energy at parks. Patches of grass will be burnt and it's up to people to scan the QR on the sign and ignite the unimaginable. This will help spark the conversation revolving around Phoenix Energy and get the brand known, whether it be through people posting on social media or through other resources.

The QR code will download an augmented reality game. This augmented reality game will help promote the brand and increase brand interaction. In this game, it's up to the users to help restore the grass. Doing so will give them rewards, such as $2 off a can of Phoenix Energy.


To make the game accessible to everyone, there will also be touchable screens at the parks for people to play on if they do not wish to download the app onto their phones.


Magazine and train station ads will help promote the drink and show how Phoenix Energy can ignite the unimaginable. The unimaginable as in the Phoenix and everything consumers think is impossible to do.


There will also be a website for Phoenix Energy to describe the guerrilla event and a section for consumers to buy the drink.

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