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advertising campaign

Art Director // Stephanie Cao

Copywriter // Steven Vizirov

Tactics // Print, Social, & Environmental


Advertise a popular children's product to a new age group


There is a belief that after a certain age, you cannot play with LEGOs because you have to grow up

Target Audience

All genders, adults 18+, stressed people


Develop a game for adults to play while they drink or socialize with friends so they would want to play with LEGOs and return back to a carefree lifestyle


Adults are always looking for activities to do while drinking and socializing. Board games/card games offer a chance to escape, to be creative, and to be a conversational piece. Hence, LEGO'd was developed to de-age the product.

Millennials will play LEGO’d and realize how you don’t need to sit in silence to build LEGOs. It’s not just a kids activity. Instead, building LEGOs can be a fun and competitive game that allows them to be carefree.


game rules

With two minutes on the clock, it's up to you and your team to build the best looking version of the LEGO on your card. Roll the dice to find out whether you have the easy build or the difficult construction. Pick a card from the designated difficulty you rolled and start building. If the other team makes the piece better than you, you get the title of "LEGO'd" aka the loser, meaning you must do whatever is on the bottom of the card. 


potential cards for the game: easy build & difficult construction

Bar Mockup.jpg

To promote the game, print ads will be placed around bars and colleges because these individuals are seeking a way to destress and we hope they will play LEGO'd in these settings to go back to a carefree lifestyle.


Sponsored social media posts will target our audience and make them interested in the game.


A live publicity event will promote the game. ​There will be different lego pieces at various locations. 
Paid actors will start acting out punishments. For example, one location will have the dog lego, and the actors will start barking. 

There will also be a sign showing the product with the tagline and CTA to get people to buy LEGO’d. It’ll also talk about our sponsored beer garden.


Pop-up beer gardens will be created to promote the game. It will get adults to think of LEGOs as a game that they can play while they drink and socialize with friends. At these pop-up beer gardens, there will be coupons and coasters given out. 

Coaster Back.jpg
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