social media campaign

Heart & Soul'd is Temple Asian Students Associations's 4th annual date auction featuring 10 contestants. It is our largest fundraising event. The theme revolved around the movie, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"and love letters. 

Art Director // Stephanie Cao

MMT Officer // Cindy Nguyen

Tactics // Print, Social, & Video


Increase the attendance and get people in and outside of Philly to come to Heart & Soul'd

Target Audience

Asians/Asian Americans, females and men, ages 18-24+


Produce shareable content & promote it on the growing Asian Facebook group, Subtle Asians Dating.


A poster was created and displayed at the Howard Gittis Student Center to attract Temple University students.

For the event, social media was the main platform for promotions, specifically Facebook. We utilized the growing popular Facebook group with over 340,000+ members called 'Subtle Asians Dating' to hit our target audience and garner attention from people outside of Temple University. 27.6K people were reached on Facebook.

A series of videos were posted consistently starting in December until the day before the event to remind people how much time was left until Heart & Soul'd. Videos gained approximately 3k+ views and parodied the movie, 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' & the TV series, 'The Bachelorette.'

Animated Instagram posts and stories were created to introduce all 10 contestants