advertising campaign

Art Director & Copywriter // Stephanie Cao

Tactics // Social Media, Direct Mail, & Transit


Raise money for the non-profit, Feeding America, using lower-cost media platforms

Target Audience

All age groups and genders


No one can thrive on an empty stomach, especially kids, so give them the nutrients to always be unstoppable

Feeding America is the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. In the United States, 1 in 8 (40 million people) struggle with hunger. This includes more than 12 million children and nearly five million seniors. Since no one can thrive on hunger, we should encourage people to donate to the cause, especially for the 12 million children facing hunger. Give them the nutrients they need to always be unstoppable.

Transit ads will target a diverse group of individuals during their commute to work and home.

To maintain a low-budget, a duo-tone color postcard will inform people about those facing hunger and how donating to Feeding America can help provide the proper nutrients for children.

Social media tactics will be utilized to get people to donate. From sponsored posts to Snapchat filters, these ads are intended to direct people to the donation page and allows for content to be shared to get more people involved.

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