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advertising campaign

Art Director // Stephanie Cao

Copywriter // Hannah Eadie

Tactics // Print, Social, & Transit


Create a campaign for a toiletry product to distinguish it from its competitors

Target Audience

13-29 year old, females, growing teens, & pregnant females


Leverage Curology's current position by featuring ads with different Curology profiles & personalized bottles to show how Curology is as different as you


Our target believes that over-the-counter acne brands will work on everyone the same. However, Curology is different. They are customized just for you. To drive this idea that Curology personalized, bottles will be redesigned to include the consumer's name and ads will show how each formula is truly personalized for each consumer.


Curology's existing brand colors will be used
to help increase brand recognition and drive familiarity for current and potential consumers.


Bus Shelter ads will give our audience a chance to learn more about Curology because they will constantly look at the ads every day on their commute. Also, it's a promotional tactic that Curology has yet to use.

Magazine Mockup.jpg

Females are already looking for advice/answers to their problems from magazines. Ads will be placed in magazines with a large female readership, such as Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Allure and Seventeen


Utilizing Curology's current form of marketing, motion graphics will show our desired demographic how every formula and bottle is as different as them. 

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