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about me

skills: art direction, branding, motion graphics, illustration, powerpoint design

Since I was little, I was always the type to reminisce. Is it because my horoscope is Cancer or my personality is an ISFJ? Maybe. Since I'm very nostalgic, I've always loved creating vlogs for myself to look back on and for others to watch and smile. From this hobby, I developed a desire to captivate others through the portrayal of different moods, messages, and visuals.
My name is
Stephanie Cao, a graduate from Temple University with a B.A. in Advertising (Art Direction track), and I love making people feel all sorts of emotions through the things I create. Whether I evoke a tear, a laugh, or even a wow, it makes me happy that the art I create can do that. When I’m not designing, I’m either re-watching a Disney movie, trying to fulfill my wanderlust, or looking for a challenge. With my experiences in advertising, I am always looking for opportunities that will help me grow as a designer and art director in any field.

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